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Whether you are a Graduate student in the MEERM program or an Undergraduate majoring in Environmental Science or minoring in Environmental Studies, our degrees can open many career opportunities for graduates. Your breadth of training and exposure to environmental science, policy, and economics is a strong background for the type of interdisciplinary skills required for many environmental jobs today. As you consider careers, we suggest that you consider employment announcements and position descriptions that provide descriptions of the types of work available well as the skills and experience expected. This information can help you make decisions about classes, internships, and summer/school year employment that will help you prepare for your career.

The following list is a restricted selection of the variety of sites available that offer tools, information, and job postings for environmental job seekers. Scroll further down for information on current specific job opportunities.


Guide to Career Education http://www.guidetocareereducation.com/tips-and-tools/green-jobs/

An article which focuses on providing students and professionals interested in green careers with the best green career resources on the internet.

Environment http://environmentalcareer.com/
National Environmental Employment Report features jobs by categories: biological and ecological; forestry, GIS, and natural resources; environmental science and engineering; environmental education and communication; policy, advocacy and environmental activism; career changers; and environmental support jobs, federal, state, and Non-governmental organizations.

E Jobs (http://www.ejobs.org) is a growing environmental jobs site. It links to dozens of employers in the environmental sector, covering government, companies, and non-profit organizations. Collections of job vacancies from professional associations are also included, as are general online sources, newsgroups, mailing lists, etc.

The Environmental Careers Organization (ECO) is a national nonprofit organization that offers services including job and internship placement, career planning, and research. http://www.eco.org/

The Green Business Network maintains GreenBiz a free job- and resume-posting service (http://jobs.greenbiz.com) for environmental professionals -- from recent grads to career changers -- seeking work in the private sector, government, and/or nonprofit organizations. It includes advice, tools and resources for understanding the market for green jobs and careers. It also provides a toolkit and resources on green environmental issues important to business.

CYBER-SIERRA'S Natural Resources Job Search is a great starting place http://www.cyber-sierra.com/nrjobs/natres.html In addition to jobs separated by an orientation towards jobs in natural resource management and jobs oriented towards environmental advocacy there are numerous links to other environmental job list sites.

American Society of Mining Reclamation (ASMR) http://ces.ca.uky.edu/asmr/ has job listings and assistantships as well as other information.

Tetra Tech http://www.tetratech.com/en/careers provides responsible resource management and sustainable infrastructure services that encompass the full life cycle of solutions.  They use their broad base of expert resources to dedicate ourselves to our clients' needs, offering innovative and cost-effective solutions to complex world problems.


There are several sources of announcements for jobs in South Carolina. Many of these sources are state agencies, such as the Department of Health and Environmental Control and the Department of Natural Resources.  Other states also have job listing in similar agencies.

South Carolina State Jobs Site http://www.state.sc.us/jobs/index.html

Federal jobs (including some internships) can be found in a number of places on the Internet. One such web site is http://www.fedworld.gov/jobs/jobsearch.html

The Unites States Peace Corps frequently offers a variety of environmental positions, and at the graduate level, our MEEERM degree progam offers a two-year Peace Corps Master's International option.

For more information regarding Federal employment, consult USC's Partnership for Public Service - Call to Serve program.


The Action Without Borders home page can connect you with the web sites of 10,000 nonprofit organizations around the world, which offer a wide variety of employment and internship opportunities, many in environmental areas. If you like, you can search for job opportunities. http://www.nonprofitcareer.com

ACCESS, the National Non-Profit Employment Clearinghouse, puts many of its current job vacancies.

Of the environmental nonprofits, two that regularly post job and internship openings on line are:

National Wildlife Federation
The Nature Conservancy

Volunteers offers good Internet links to environmental jobs.

Grassroots Network Internship & Career Service lists position openings with hundreds of environmental groups.


Science and Academia Academic360.com is a great web site for anyone who wants to work in academia, whether in administration, advising, instruction, or research.

Classified ads in Science magazine, also published on line, are a good source of information about jobs in academia and other research organizations.

The Ecological Society of America posts job opportunities in ecology as well as fellowships, scholarships, and other student funding opportunities on its web site.


Several other universities maintain web sites with environmental and natural resources career information and job opportunities:

http://www.indiana.edu/~career/gcap/joblinks.html Indiana University

http://www.snre.umich.edu/career_services/posting University of Michigan

httpwww.wisc.edu/ University of Wisconsin-Madison – Institute for EnvironmentalStudies


If you'd like to receive job information by e-mail, you may want to subscribe to one or more environmental job listservers.

CESJOBS-L is an environmental jobs listserver created by the Center for Environmental Studies at Williams College that regularly posts a wide variety of environmental positions. (These include internships but not faculty positions.) To subscribe, send a message to listproc@williams.edu, leave the subject line blank, and in the body of the message type: subscribe CESJOBS-L your name (example: subscribe CESJOBS-L Jane Smith).

The http://earthsystems.org/list/index.html

Office of Recycling and Environmental Information at the University of Virginia maintains several environmental mailing lists and offers links to many others.


There are also several environmental jobs newsletters that you may want to consider. These include Environmental Opportunities, 103 Roxbury Street, #5, Keene, NH 03431; (603) 357-5940, ecosandy@cheshire.net

Environmental Career Opportunities, P.O. Box 678, Standardsville, VA 22973; (800) 315-9777; ecosubscriptions@mindspring.com

National Environmental Employment Report, Environmental Career Center, 100 Bridge Street, Building C, Hampton, VA 23669; (757) 727-7895; eccinfo@environmentalcareer.com
(A copy of this publication is located in the MEERM Graduate office, 702G Byrnes Bldg. for your review.)


Below are postings of environmental internships provided by both internal and external agencies.


Below are postings of environmental job opportunities provided by external agencies.