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We invite you to consider becoming a member of the Environment and Sustainability Program. There are presently over 100 faculty associated with the Program, and they represent many diverse disciplines and interests, with home departments in the sciences, humanities, and the various Carolina professional colleges and schools.
The process for applying for membership is as follows:

  • Send a letter requesting membership to the Director of the Environment and Sustainability Program.
  • Include in the letter
  • Your contact information
  • A brief description of your research focus, particularly as it relates to environmental sciences or studies.
  • A brief description of your educational interests and their relationship to environmental or sustainability subject areas.
  • A brief description of any service or outreach activities that relate to the environment or sustainability.
  • Your reasons for joining the Environment and Sustainability Program and what you would like to gain from membership.
  • Attach a note from your Department Chair supporting your application (this could also be a signature of approval on your letter of application).
  • Attach a current CV.

Applications are reviewed by the Environment and Sustainability Executive Committee, and you should receive a response within two to four weeks.

Courses you teach may be attractive to our students in the undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, Undergraduate minor in Environmental Studies, and Master of Earth and Environmental Resources Management (MEERM) degree, as well as the joint JD/MEERM degree program. Please inform us if you teach a course related to environmental processes, interactions between humans and the environment, sustainability, or other topics relevant to environmental issues or concepts. As a faculty member, you may also serve as a MEERM thesis or internship advisor, as MEERM students are looking for innovative and non-traditional ways to channel their energies in environmental issues.

These are exciting times for the Environment and Sustainability Program. We expect to see considerable expansion of our programs, with numerous opportunities for collaborative projects and initiatives, both within the university and with a variety of public and private partners. We enthusiastically welcome new members who wish to expand their engagement in environmental research, education, and outreach and to join our community of researchers, scholars, students, and staff.

E&SP Faculty Policy Manual (.pdf)