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MEERM/JD Dual Degree Program

Highly Qualified in Environmental Law in Just Four Years

The Environment and Sustainability Program, in cooperation with the USC School of Law and The Graduate School, offers a dual degree program  -- the Master of Earth and Environmental Resources Management (MEERM) and Law Degree (J.D.) -- that permits students to complete the joint program in approximately four years. Through this combined program, the total course load may be reduced by as many as 18 credit hours from that required if the two degrees were earned separately, since up to nine hours of electives toward the MEERM degree may be taken in approved law courses and nine hours of electives toward the J.D. may be earned in the MEERM program.

Start with Law, Proceed with Environmental Science, Policy, and Resource Management

The combined JD/MEERM program requires that students be accepted independently into each of the programs, that the students begin their first year with courses exclusively in the School of Law, and that the remaining years be divided between the two programs. Upon acceptance by both programs, students must complete a dual degree form. Acceptance into one program does not affect the decision of the other school with regards to admission. Upon admission to the dual degree program, the student must select electives from an approved list of courses.

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