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The Environment and Sustainability Program is the interdisciplinary home for academic programs, research and scholarship, and community outreach activities that link environmental and sustainability initiatives at the University of South Carolina.  We foster creative interactions among multiple campus units, provide undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and are dedicated to providing the broader community with educated scholars and scientists, as well as research- and policy-based solutions for the planet’s environmental and societal needs.


New CISA Video Highlights Local Damage and Long Term Impacts of October 2015 Flood Event
In the most recent CISA video produced by Chandler Green and Greg Carbone, Mark Huguley, the Mayor of Arcadia Lakes near Columbia, SC, discusses the severe damage caused by the October 2015 food event and long term impacts.


BS in ENV Science is now recognized by CHE for Enhanced STEM Scholarship funding!


December 2015 Graduates - Congratulations!

BA in Environmental Studies

Kristin Jennings

Elaina Perez


BS in Environmental Science

Tyler Gerhardt

Derek Ghaul

Tran Collar Nguyen

Kyle Peterman

Cassidy Way

John Williams

Kelly Wisner


MEERM Graduate

Marvin Brown


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 BA in Environmental Studies!! 

·        Emphasizes humanities and social sciences 

·        Major credit courses in the environment, politics, history, economics, and literature 

·        Includes sustainability, policy, and advocacy 

·        Leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree 

·        120 credits required for graduation

Contact Shelley Schlenk for more information.


Congaree National Park Class 2014 - YouTube   

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Research Map
Take a look! This map shows the location, and descriptions of, research and scholarship being conducted around the world by our faculty.






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