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The Environment and Sustainability Program is the interdisciplinary home for academic programs, research and scholarship, and community outreach activities that link environmental and sustainability initiatives at the University of South Carolina.  We foster creative interactions among multiple campus units, provide undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and are dedicated to providing the broader community with educated scholars and scientists, as well as research- and policy-based solutions for the planet’s environmental and societal needs.


Eating Healthy in Context Symposium -- March 20, 2015

The University of South Carolina's Center for Research in Nutrition and Health Disparities and the Environment and Sustainability Program invites researchers, staff, students, community partners, policy makers, and community members to the 5th Annual Symposium and Inaugural Meeting of the Southeastern University Consortium, "Healthy Eating in Context: Building and strengthening collaborations to address hunger, poverty, and nutrition, in the Southeast". The symposium will be held on March 20, 2015, at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center in Columbia, SC. http://nutritioncenter.sph.sc.edu/symposium.shtml


2014 December Graduates  -- Congratulations!

  • John Felkel (B.S. in Environmental Science)
  • Shadow Gulledge (MEERM graduate)
  • Andrew Hook (B.S. in Environmental Science)
  • Sam Johnson (MEERM graduate)
  • Allie Mason (B.S. in Environmental Science)
  • Zach O'Bryant (B.S. in Environmental Science)
  • Reggie Robinson (MEERM graduate)
  • Wesley Seigler (MEERM graduate)


Congratulations to Dr. Jessie Barnes on the appearance of her new book, "Cultivating the Nile: The everyday politics of water in Egypt".  The political complexities are fascinating, and the long history of water use from the Nile will make policy solutions to water shortages vastly different from those employed in the US.


 BA in Environmental Studies!! 

·        Emphasizes humanities and social sciences 

·        Major credit courses in the environment, politics, history, economics, and literature 

·        Includes sustainability, policy, and advocacy 

·        Leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree 

·        120 credits required for graduation

Contact Shelley Schlenk for more information.


New ENVR Courses Available: (see entire schedule here)


Congaree National Park Class 2014 - YouTube   

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